Our Vision

We're a small, tight knit team who love to support charities around the world. Whether it's donating money or dedicating time to projects, we find it to be one of the most fulfilling activities we do.

We want to make a change in the world and be recognised for our work in the charity sector. We also want to help shed some positive light on the crypto and NFT world.

Think of our NFT's like you would a pin or badge that you might buy in your local supermarket to help support local charities. You wear it with pride, to show to everyone who sees it, that YOU care enough to support a charity.

Our aim is to do them same using web3, NFT's and crypto. We want to create an environment where you can mint an NFT and show off your digital pin on Twitter as your PFP.

Ringo The Koala

Erwin The Koala

Our Process

To get the ball rolling on development, Paul (myself) and Alex have fronted the funds needed to make this happen.

For each charity project we launch, we will donate 70% of the mint sales to Charity. The remaining 30% will then be used to cover the costs of our next project.

This will be a recurring process that we will use for each charity project we do. This will ensure we have enough funds to keep doing the work we love. Please note, this is not our day jobs, we are doing this in our spare time because we believe in it.

Please check out the FAQ below for any queries you may have. We have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in our Discord channel, which will we add to the FAQ as and when new questions arise.

We want to be as transparent and open as possible with our work as we know NFT's and crypto have not always been seen in a good light.

We want to change that!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a total of 4,444 Koalas available to Mint from the 6TH July 2022
100 will be minted privately for competition winners and team members.
444 will be available to early adopters and White List holders.

70% of all publicly minted Koalas.

Australian Charities supporting Koalas.

When the minting is finished, we will sell 70% of the Solana raised and send this money to the charity. We will ask them to confirm receipt of the funds and publish that confirmation here. If we are able to Donate the money to a publically visible page such as JustGiving then we will do so and share the link across the website, discord and social media platforms.

This will be the team's loss. We are sending 70% of all minted koalas to the charity regardless of how many are minted. Even if not enough are minted to cover our expenses... :-(

We are already planning a follow up project and will use any leftover funds from the minting to help get this next project off the ground.

Volunteers Wanted

We're looking for volunteers and Community Managers to help us to grow.
We are able to offer 5x CUTE KOALA TOKENS to members of the team.

Road Map

Where have we been and were are we headed?